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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I register a .scot domain?

You can register your very own .scot domain over at our sister site:

Can I use a domain which isn't .scot with my web hosting?

Absolutely you can. We can host any top-level, country code, or special extension domain just so long as the name servers (or even just the A record) are pointing to us.

What are name servers?

Name servers are how the rest of the internet knows how to find your website and deliver your email. They host the DNS record(s) for your domain, and this contains a note of your domain's primary IP address, the IP address of any subdomains you might have, the address of your domain's mail server(s), and a myriad of other information.

What are your name servers?

Our name servers are as follows:


What are 'uir', 'gaoth', and 'ain'?

They're Scots Gaelic for 'earth', 'wind', and 'fire'.

Do I have to host my email with you or can I host it elsewhere?

We can help you set up externally hosted email (such as G-Suite or Office 365) by adjusting your DNS record as required.

Do you offer SSL certificates?

Yes! Every domain (and subdomain) you host with us receives a free, auto-renewing SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt. No set-up required.

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